Today's ALOD is a rerun of the one that ran February 12th, 2008, due to today's Front Page update.

I'm not going to ruin today's ALOD with words, because Randy Lee Blain has spent thousands upon thousands, via pictures, glorifying it. Remember that crazy old codger Ron Paul? Do you need an installation of art remembering the great things he tried to accomplish running for President of the United States? One that will probably INCREASE IN VALUE? Welcome to Liberty Editions.

Hi Quality. Liberty. Freedom. Inestment. While all of these are assuredly true, they all fail to capture the true majesty of the Ron Paul campaign. The artwork itself however, does not.

In this painting, we can see that the transvestite mercenary is scratching her balls, to further exemplify the audacity of making a shitty kilt from Old Glory with her prison shiv (which is attached to her right thigh). She is furious that Big Government put that ugly metal clamp on her forehead while in prison, and wants the sweet revenge that only the 2nd Amendment can give. The sign that warns Trolls to stay away is a stark contrast to Libertyland's Weed Trees, which stand behind this well armed shemale & a bridge over troubled oil. The Goat represents Liberty: it has no legs to stand on & gets in the way of the Weed Trees. This painting will cost you $1,250.

Maybe you don't have $1,250 to invest into your future, all the while helping the good, lost cause that is Ron Paul. Maybe you just want a souvenir of his incredible campaign, which espoused Freedom, The Constitution, and being a crazy old conservative that manages to gather an incredible cult following. What you need is an artpiece where Lady Liberty throws a Spear at a Demon defending a Weed Tree, while Ron Paul and Benjamin Franklin get blazed and look on in pride. Sure, it may also cost $1,250 as well, but it sure would make a great wallpaper for your computer.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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