Holy bowel movements of Abe Vigoda!  What in the name of Jupiter is this place? 
This is the #86/68 website extravaganza!  If you enjoy comics about  football, democracy, war, and bone-breaking fights illustrated through spastic animated gifs, then you're probably in the closest thing to the right place as humanly possible.

Where did this come from?
#86/68 first appeared as an animated .gif file rampaging across the Internet, tackling all opposition in an endless loop of end zone fury. From there #86/68 was quickly embraced as a cultural icon and symbol of democracy. 

After numerous adventures exclusive to the SomethingAwful.com Forums, he now finds himself here on this website, as the subject of regularly published adventures that explore a variety of themes including patriotism, sacrifice, philosophy, sports, war, violence, and death. As expected, this makes for some heavy reading that may not always go down smoothly, but must be swallowed regardless.  

To name names, #86/68 was discovered by Rich "Lawtax" Kyanka and made famous by Zack "Zack Parsons" Parsons. I simply stole the torch, attempted to burn them, and then ran away.  Fragmaster had nothing to do with it because he's not cool enough.

Why is the animation so poor?
I see spastic animated gifs as the standard medium for illustrating stories in the future.  I believe that one day everything from children's stories to the Bible will be made whole by a seizure inducing barrage of poorly animated gifs.  Lets face it, text and static illustrations are no longer a satisfactory means of delivering information.  Modern audiences need to be captivated, and nothing catches the eye more than a poorly animated gif.  That's why all the professional webmasters rely on countless animated gifs to keep their audience entertained and loyal.

I've spotted a historical inaccuracy!
Some of the historical contexts that #86/68 is placed in are occasionally embellished for story telling purposes.  In spite of these potential shortcomings, #86/68 is still a valid teaching tool. 


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