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    12 January 03 - Have New Year Happy? Us is different matter! An official immigration consider us a semi automatic terrorist and ended dreams AMERICAN with one way ticket returning to homeland? Yes this is the event which did! No more of dream and cancelation and failure and great shame and the end but as we say there is better way out than explosive self death which carries on of loose ends? Here is the presentation of the attempt!


    Assorted Ditties - Is MP3 Downloaded!!

  • Barn Rasin Un-Mercy - Note NEW ELECTRONIC with DJ Mall DJ! This song of truth says the: I will raise this barn if it mean the dead of me. There is not a way the barn will not rasin. Then a cloud in the sunshine says the barn will be success and not fall upon an old ugly head or even a blade of seed. This harvest is for hording!
  • Children Turn On Mint - Once a children and dreams escaped and overran homeland mint of money in high style. There were many dead mint workers but a children and dreams were left to run the mint factory! While the coins were produced an ghosts of past money was released? Childrens however have powers that substitute and once the machines were powered souls were processes into what we today call a peso. Do not worry this song is story so it is like of there only not of money making. There is free quarter! This is technicl.
  • Cow Hard - A hard surprise for old chums! From our ORIGINAL album comes a sonic old educational treat that will reminds the hip hop amongst of days before we thinned our ranks with shotouts and dead corpses stained in street at my hands of course. An old flavor but still not stale. Damage it lower if you only wish...
  • Drinking Turban Time - Lovely audio please thanks is what you say! In tearing your both arms a saying which makes us all smile and clap about which is what the song is meaning to transpire. In old land a arms off party is not a matter of light taken! This is why we plead and say do not keep us away from a tender ripe daughter for lack of ceremony we will drill the new well on your own lap thank you very much. As you can tell this Drinking Turban Time is a good time for most (not the daughter or the now slashed to gills pa-pa) so tell us in your own words if this is how its done? Hoofin' of your own making for sale!
  • Dunes of Hazarred - The Dunes of Hazarred are dangerous and a this warning I will only repeat. Many men have now dead in Hazarreds dunes even though a clear marking proclaim your dead? This not funny. We tried to warn but still all propel in air high of ramp and crash burn to ground charred and without face left to send home. We have trouble not with Dunes as we spit on Hazarred and his veil ways you scum. A big hit for the still happy many years past but tarnish has scarred.
  • Elder Dreams - When old people of sleep not children dreams are resulted. Dreams of children is anyone of Semi Automatic Turban but when geezer grandpa with knees knocked of slash wound there is reason we say no! But if this cause cause others? The instruction is to stay away for fear of the sound that happens when the sleep for the old comes. We this why store all in box. Wrinkles are smashed!
  • Mirth Day of Birth - On a day of birth which is mirthfill in nature a song of happy birth of this day is a tradition in homeland as well as AMERICAN. There are other reasons for such a celebrate but a birth day of like none other! Here is are future version of clever old ditty from tradition with our dreams in every note but the same tune still intact. Cut the cake or your wrists you brat ungratful!
  • Owl Master Mine - When others offer to dig for treasure there is something said for my stake as well. Owl share of loot is more to be said then thans and this is never not the case. So when offer to contrary is refused there is only one solution and owl master mine is encased in rock for thousand years as punish. There may be escape but we do not bother to chip rocks to find!
  • Wacky Worktrench - Life in a homeland is not a type of computers for thousand dollar spectacle but rather an old and shovel of a ditch. When there is a shovel in a ditch of job we always accept because we make a work trench into one of wacky and very fun for all except for those who dispose of evidence as we solve the crimes. There are 25 hours days for those who work we merely supervise and say the threat to keep job on time. We have made thousands through work trench but you never will or at least survive to tell.


  • Drop The Mic (SydBarrett Remix) - A friend of SydBarrett with winner of remix of our songs! Enjoyed of factory workers in homeland and listen time is happy of great expect. This is why AMERICAN says that rape who you sow. Friend!
  • Schfooba (Grok! Remix) - Friend Grok! with exclaimnation remix as well! No use of drums of other electronic crutch! We respect of great measure for pure dedication to the dreaming and hut is available for wife as well.
  • Kapow! Razzle-Dazzle! Tappa Tappa Tappa! (Less Power For Microwaves) - A friend named Toasterhead say we come to remix your music? This is the remix of the music! Slap knees in double alternative because this is a groove city lacking mayor! Toasterhead! He is the DJ!
  • JRR - "Fragmaster is Not an Atomic Playboy" - Said of slow near end. Others say goes around.
  • panic - "March of the Turban" - This is not the piano male but other smart a toddle along.
  • That Guy From Pearldiver - "Turn it off make it stop or fucking kill me" - Too slow but otherwise a ditty heed by a grandfather's lesson.
  • Zakath - "Semi Automatic Satan" - Mirth day of birth party song for well wishing and celebrate. Song used for this and also a soup soak.
  • Skritch - "Divine Moments of Turban" - What is with slow this is not sonics hedgehog! Very water sound but under wetter than other grass on side to other neighbors.
  • ol^____^lo - "Complacently caressing malevolent liquid oxygen" - Enjoy of cool drink on colder day. When one is breath of less.
  • The Rokstar - "NACHO THIEVES MUST DIE!!" - Put at peace with lovely ditty. Enjoyment for any and all of children dreaming state? State of bliss is like!
  • zoomzip feat. Mike Cube - "one last rhyme before bedtime" - Hip-Hop Hooray! How is done this? Here is streets cap bust homies with props in use. We down here!
  • Shardy - "Slemmy" - Understanding purpose!
  • Formicae - "40 oz. of makhlouta on the curb" - Too for sleep. Any elder dreams would have been put into coma. There are many words for such time but dirt nap is prefer.
  • Livestock - "Too Hardcore for Britches" - Live stock not for long. Sorry to inform OUT of stock!

    The Album: Far East Infection
    [Cover Art] [Liner Notes]

  • 01 - Welcome to My Clay - The first track of compact album is SIMPLE but it is because album grow more complex in time like life itself. Old Schoola High-Jink!
  • 02 - Enter The Prime Mister - Vary near our heart! This song was was written for our country's Prime Mister. He found it nice on the ears and used it for a quite grand enterance!
  • 03 - Swing Batter Batter - Who says those who do not have no which may be a block rocking! Enjoy the AMERICAN pastime with this jolly ditty. No battah!
  • 04 - Blinking Turban Police - It is a fact that keeping the nose clean and staying clear of the Blinking Turban Police is a wise choice indeed! So we wrote a song to tell you how to do so. Remember the turban are blinkings because they cannot afford electronic light gizmos!
  • 05 - Drowning Stop The Circus - It is always a sad occasion when a circus meets its watery grave. We hope we have captured the moment with enough flourish to remember those who have perished in the schuffle.
  • 06 - Lose The Chicken - You had best lose that chicken as it is only slowing our speed down!
  • 07 - Shut Up Wrinkles The Opera is Pretty - The old persons of our nation do not understand the wonderfulness of the Opera. We have to stab them in to the throat to get them to truly appreciate. Just give listen and see!
  • 08 - Monster Eats Curry - A very scary horror song about the frightening monster! The fear he instills is quite fearsome. Head for the dunes he is quite out of control!
  • 09 - Why Income Tax - Why does it exist? Why, I mean? Such a shame. Makes us sad.
  • 10 - You're Late Featherhead! - Featherhead always makes us late by being late himself! He constantly does so despite our pleas. Why must our pain hurt?
  • 11 - Thursday Night - Just another Thursday night in the neighborhood... time to make sure things get done!
  • 12 - Fix This Trucking Water - This truck water is obviously broken. Someone help repair!
  • 13 - The Number One Hit - Do we not need to say another? This was a chart on top in our nation. Really appeals to the young hip-like fellows and those hip at heart!
  • 14 - On The Dance Floor - A true display of our skill talent features a dance floor type place for you to get down in any matter you wish. Great cooperation on display in multiple levels!
  • 15 - Bay - Must ear! A hip-hop U.S.A. style riff-raff complete with the beats and the stylings you all enjoy in your compact disks. Really says a lot about human condition when you can bust a rhyme with such flair! Stand back MC's, we can rap as well also!
  • 16 - A Visit To The Whorehouse - A routine visit to a house of ill repuation goes horribly away with a shocking discovery!
  • 17 - Love Me Warm After Today - There is nothing like a small industrial love song to make the love flow together once again. Make a kiss or two tonight because of our involvement or petty not.
  • 18 - Infected! - Oh negative! The affair has ended with start and who is feeling a wee bit under the weather? Look like a disease has caught!
  • 19 - The Infection Spreads - Things are not looking up and the infection is only worse! The tune will surely catch in your throat a time or two however!
  • 20 - You Are Dead, Here is a Fun-Time Funeral - Looks like an infection has caused you to succumb! But to some death is the beginning, but to us you are dead and rotting upon. Enjoy a nap of dirt you maggoty corpse. But enjoy the funeral pile.
  • 21 - Back From The Deadly - Look what the feline dragged in! Thought to be dead? Thought wrong! It is time to come back from the deadly and rock hearty while doing so! Really a two-stick thumbs up deal here one of our finest!
  • 22 - Carry On Tradition Proud - Every generation must learn from the past, so pay heed! Here Grandfather gives a stern talking to that we will all remember. I am sure this will sound like familar family to our homeland listeners and bring a grin to the ears.
  • 23 - Praisin' The Honor Student - In our country a good grade for a school child means a rewards! Here is our version of the most traditional song of praise with our special style. Memories flow back!
  • 24 - Two Ribbons Slow Construction - Construction makes morning commune difficult. A two ribbons should speed the matter up a notch, agreed? In fact the opposite is the fact and the pace is only slower! At least there is a fun hand clap for you to slap the knees about eh?
  • 25 - Levi Genius - This one dedicated to the smartest feller we know, the keencool Levi Genius. Plus, a special cameo bustout from someone who is very famous in the North America (hint! MOVIE STAR!).
  • 26 - He Get Mad - When the deal has gone sour so there is no suprise that He Get Mad...
  • 27 - Remixing It Up - Looks as if a swell and phat remix of our grooves are in order. If you can dig, this flowing remix emphasizes the skill we have displayed previously and contains a few flashbacks to some familar memories in our favorite interactives. We know you will enjoy this epic collection of our talented skills and brotherhood.
  • 28 - Hip Hop Hooray and Goodbye For Present - All good things must be finished so we finish with a flourish of friends and a bucket of sound for you to remember the fond memories. Plus a small reward for your friendship. Many thanks!


  • River City Ransom Music
  • Mad About Scaredy Retard Theme Song
  • Take Me Out to The Ballgame
  • Swing Batter Batter (Bad Future Remix)

    Not of forget are MUSIC VIDEO !

    Of bye for ever! NONE MORE!

    10 November 01 - There are two new musics on musics page for great cheer hard time. We say many things not said since disaster tradgedy and for this say go to our FAN FUN SECTION which in all truth hard is not fun in this instance but important so read for thoughts pears in and out of many times.

    28 August 01 - If wonder is curious about the children dreams and the Semi Automatic Turban? This magic "FLASHY" movie with friend K-Dog American is a must view for following purpose... if only to have ones visual! Exciting for animated but keep in stead hope that this is not the real way the Semi Automatic Turban for a drawing not true capture a homeland slap about gill. For the praise fans we say a new song or two in near future for upon the ears and slap knees so keep clamped together for nows and enjoys the FLASHY movie cartoon.

    And of if you missed month or ago we have made a news update on the webpage something awful so read that archived message!

    21 June 01 - Yes here is where your ears are stopping to rest and relax as a new song two is here in the section of MUSIC that is two new songs and they are of good at least of one hit in area above rib but below stomach! Also in FAN FUN SECTION the a dog taste and show because we have multimedia "FLASHY" movies in our honer unlike there are some who only stick to own mothers for comfort and not success! We have slashed off far before and no signs of slowing. Please tell us how we are great and AMERICAN friends to all but not of those dead.

    17 February 01 - Take up an arm or many because the AMERICA is attacking Iraq. We are not from Iraq because they are dirty and men are bedded together in a common household but any a children is involved our music will not be the better. So FAN FUN SECTION contains a terse word for you new president and we expect rest!

    17 January 01 - Praise to all fans as a pleasure of old hits is on the page of MUSIC!. Go and enjoy a pleasing two song from old ALBUMS title the "Cow Hard" and "Dunes of Hazarred"! Also a quick new FAN FUN tale for you to take in your heart and pack away for a reference future. It is the story of Trust. Treasue is not hard to find on this web information if you can keep it not stale.

    12 December 00 - As many promise we now have internet official web so make home you. Spread those feet! We apologize for negative URL but an offer of free I-drive is nothing to sneeze. Now a bit of new informations: We have released new song in cooperation with famous electronic europe man DJ Mall DJ! Click upon this links for transport to download and listening. Must! Yes!

    But some say we lost gentle sooth voices with this ditty. Heed, they are still present but with electronic as well! As said now robot and man same as one so why not have a robot human join in fun? We have no racist except an Arab. It is only promise which keeps cyborg from being implented in skull and eye socket nostril so resist no longer and fate tempt not don't. So give listen and see how if you feel it! Also riches fill pocketbooks in our future so watch your back homelanders. We forgive any metal menacing you rusty robot person as also!

    Contents to Fine

    About Us - We welcome you to learn about our special and thinking! Remember that fancy instruments of steel do not required for happy tune which no one can due nary a response!

    Music - We are musicians in the most special of way. Here is detail into our passions and shared emotion which you can never escape even if you have power from beyond the dunes.

    Albums - The best to listen as no electronic interfere. A detail of record compact albums and i-net albums for discograph and other purpose. Collect all for long listen and rage against intruders who dare strach a cover or attempt backbeating.

    Fan Fun - Without fans we are cold! Here is playground for more fun for lovers of our yore music style. Ball crawl here for age ten and over but no tunnel can keep your feet firmly! Plus traditional homeland tales for the dreams of children supporting... Have letters to grandparents and homeland a possible?

    Talk Me - A one upon one chat or comment? Here is contact for avail and a questions which often intruded upon I am sick of you.

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