#86/68 IN

Live on TV

Caller from Washington, D.C. go ahead.

Inside the Oval Office

Larry, this is the president! We have an emergency!

What's the situation, Mr. President?

#86/68 has been captured by Fidel Castro!

Oh no!  How did this happen?

It all started when I ordered #86/68 on a secret mission in Cuba...

Inside the President's flashback...

Don't worry, Mr. President!  I'll do my best to put a stop to the Cuban Space Program.  HUT HUT HUT!

I have the utmost faith in you, #86/68!  You most of all understand that the moon belongs to America, not Cuba.

HUT HUT HUT!  I'll teach those commies not to play on American soil! 

#86/68 receives his mission briefing from the General

Those commies have no right to outer space!  Space is a democracy!  Infiltrate the Cuban's launch pad and sabotage their ship!  If it manages to take off, there is no telling how far communism might spread!

You can count on me sir!

Godspeed be with you!  Now get moving!

#86/68 arrives in Cuba

HUT HUT HUT!  Now to get to the launch pad!

Oh no!  #86/68 has been ambushed!

Surrender American!

I'll roll you all tighter than a Cuban cigar! HUT HUT HUT!

It's Fidel Castro!

I don't think so, #86/68.  We clearly outnumber you by a great deal!  But if you insist upon fighting, I have no problems watching you die!

I guess I have no choice.

Back in the present...

Have you heard from him since he was captured?

No, but a intelligence report indicates he's alive and being held captive.  We need your help on this one, Larry.

Okay, let's go to a commercial break.  I'll get #86/68 back, don't you worry.

Hours later, deep inside a Cuban military base

Oh boy, I really fumbled this one!  There has got to be something I can do to escape!  If I just had backup!

Suddenly, Larry King plows through the Cuban defenses!

Get in #86/68, we don't have much time!

Sweet touchdown of justice!  Let's ride!

Larry King and #86/68 begin their escape!

Looks like we've got trouble coming up!  

#86/68 and Larry King are fighting their way out!

Bam!  Ka-bam! Ker-steve!  Clunk!

#86/68 and Larry King have escaped!

We don't have much time to spare!  Let's get to the launch pad!

After today, Cuba will never again be doubted!  Start the launch countdown on my mark!

Not so fast, Castro!

No!  It can't be!  

But it is!  HUT HUT HUT HIKE!

Caller from Cuba, prepare to taste my fist!

Bah!  I will board this ship myself!  You dare not chase me into outer space!

Castro has boarded the ship!

The countdown has been initiated!

We've got to follow him!  He can't get away!

We don't have much time!  The countdown has been initiated!

The ship has taken off!  Destination: Outer Space!


Those meddling Americans!  I will have to pilot the ship myself!

What's this?  STOWAWAYS!

Turn this ship around right now, Castro!

What!  How did you get on board?  Get off my ship at once!

It's no use!  He's too stubborn.  We'll have to pilot this ship back to Earth ourselves!

#86/68 commandeers the controls!

Damn!  The controls are all in Cuban!  

I will not capitulate to America!  Space belongs to Cuba!

A fight has broken out in space!

Bam!  Pow!  Thud-zam!

Fidel Castro has been defeated!

Now let's get this ship back to America!

We've got bigger fish to fry - literally!  We're going to burn up as a fireball in the ocean!

We don't have much time then!  

Back at the White House

Any news yet?

NORAD just tracked the ship reentering the atmosphere!  It doesn't look like a controlled reentry, either.

May God help Larry King and #86/68!

Wait, NORAD has just informed me they've picked up two parachutes!  It's #86/68 and Larry King!

Well Larry, I'd say we came from behind and won this game!

We sure did! It was a true pleasure to work with you, #86/68!  You'll have to come on my show soon.

Later that day in the Oval Office...

#86/68 and Larry King, this nation owes you its thanks.  You've put a stop to the Cuban Space Program and helped insure that outer space belongs to democracy!  I can't tell you how grateful I and the rest of America are!

All in a day's work, Mr. President!  All in a day's work!



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