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What The Hell Are Fireman Comics?

They're comics from the 1950's. Any resemblance to MS Paint art is just a coincidence. Any anachronisms can be blamed on communism.

I Find Your Comics Offensive. Please Stop!

I find you offensive, you sniveling little scamp. Some of us are a little sick and tired of Firemen being portrayed as brainless, brave heroes by the media and want to see a more realistic, caring, heartwarming depiction of these people with deeper characterization and family values. That's what Fireman Comics is all about.

Who Made This Garbage?

A variety of artists have drawn Fireman Comics over the years, and all of them are dead now. But this page was created and maintained by the jerk on the right, Kevin "K-Dog" Maven (AKA. "Fragmaster," "Cakewalk," and "Shovelface Loser.") Currently, K-Dog is a Southern California-based professional rapper and amateur black-belt magician. K-Dog does absolutely nothing of interest, has no life, and is described by the few people that know him as "pathetic nerd-ass." He also has nothing to do with Semi Automatic Turban, despite the similarity in page design.

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