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  • Your Fire Department: A Fireman Comics film! While digging through piles of old unread Fireman Comics, I happened to come across an old reel of film which contained snippets of "Your Fire Department," the little-seen 1954 short which was originally intended to teach schoolchildren how the Fire Department of that era really operated on a day-to-day basis.
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    As you should already know, Fireman Comics were quite popular in the early-1950's. I'm sure your parents probably remember going down to the corner drugstore and throwing chunks of dead cat or "Baseball Cards" at the homeless kid who lived under the counter. They may also recall stealing an issue or two of Fireman Comics or perhaps reading their strips in the newspaper, but I doubt it. Anyways, Fireman Comics chronicles the brave exploits and adventures of two honorable Firemen. The humor may be a bit dated and "light hearted" by today's standards, but by-gum, what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Whatever the hell that means!

  • Fireman Comics #1: A burning house and some peace-lovin' protesters are no match for this dynamic duo!

  • Fireman Comics #2: An unfair accusation by a concerned parent, helping out some kids, and the zany mayhem of "Opposite Day."

  • Saucy Lad: For a change of pace, here's another 1950's-era comic called "Saucy Lad." Quite the tart tongue on that young man! It's bound to get him in trouble some day´┐Ż

  • Fireman Comics #3: Training videos and a clever display of "back and forth" dialogue, but nothing compares to Fireman's new ladder!

  • Fireman Comics #4: "Headin' Home" - Fireman returns home after a hard day at work, only to discover that his affairs are not in order!

  • Fireman Comics #5: "Fun Fundraising" - A new Firefighter joins the department, but a shortage of essential celebration fluids leads to a hastily thrown together fundraising drive.

  • Fireman Comics #6: "Nature's Way" - Fireman leads a group of cub scouts on a camping trip and bureaucracy frustrates a concerned citizen back at the fire station.

  • Fireman Comics #7: "Good Advice" (07/15/01) - Fireman gets a lesson in ancient cultures, while Fireman finds a member of another ancient culture invading his turf!

  • Fireman Comics #8: "It's All Your Vault" (07/23/01) - A fire at the bank leads to some good deals, but a nasty elf puts a crimp in Fireman's plans.

  • Dirty Bear: (07/30/01) - Dirty Bear has a hankerin' for Fireman's famous chili, but the results are mixed!

  • Fireman Comics #9: "Water You Want" (08/05/01) - Fireman makes an erotic discovery that then leads to water-based antics!

  • Fireman Comics #10: "Breaking The Rules" (08/13/01) - As flames engulf one man's happy home, Fireman steadfastly adheres to the sacred Fireman Rulebook.

  • Fireman Comics #11: (08/20/01) - Fireman makes a mistake, while Fireman discovers that there's a big market for help. And then there's dancing!

  • Fireman Comics #12: "Malt Shop Killer" (08/27/01) - With a psycho killer on the loose, Fireman comes to the rescue!

  • Fireman Comics #13: "Horny Hippie Hippo" (09/03/01) - Fireman's hippie brother visits the fire station and lends a much needed helping hand.

  • Able Joe: (09/10/01) - Good Ol' Able Joe seems to be capable of doing everything all by himself, but Fireman isn't so sure.

  • Fireman Comics #14: "Making No Sense" (10/01/01) - Miscommunication leads to perplexing banter, but Fireman sets things right with the aid of a telephone.

  • Fireman Comics #15: "Silver Lining" (10/22/01) - When a donation to the fire department goes awry, Fireman decides to conduct a surprise fire inspection.

  • Fireman Comics #16: "Hallo, Halloween!" (10/29/01) - The fire department celebrates Halloween, while Fireman gets a lesson in love.

  • Fireman Comics #17: "Treeasoning" (11/05/01) - Fireman Dog manages to chase an unacceptable danger into a tree, but tragedy strikes when Fireman Sniper is unable to do his duty!

  • Fireman Comics #18: "What The Truck" (11/12/01) - Fireman decides to take the fire engine truck out on patrol, but unexpected difficulties hinder his progress.

  • Lonely Linda: (11/19/01) - Lonely Linda gets some much needed companionship... but not in the manner she originally expected!

  • Fireman Comics #19: (11/26/01) - Fireman Farmer drops by for a visit, a contest is won, giant cats mingle, and Fireman has some new fun.

  • Fireman Comics #20: "Flame War" (12/03/01) - An anti-fire bear comes to town, and Fireman decides to try something new.

  • Fireman Comics #21: "Married Christmas" (12/17/01) - Fireman celebrates the holidays by taking on a blushing bride! But not everyone is as merry as he...

  • Fireman Comics #22: "Sub Marines" (01/14/02) - When the fire department comes under attack, tragedy strikes when a much-needed friend turns his back on a fat man's sworn duty.

  • Fireman Comics #23: "Hurts, Donut?" (01/21/02) - Fireman's bright idea turns out to be not so bright, but thankfully he's got another thought up his skull!

  • Fireman Comics #24: "Teeth For Two" (01/28/02) - Fireman and Fireman get lost but learn an important lesson about dental hygiene.

  • Fireman Comics #25: "Flame Out" (02/23/02) - Is this the end for Fireman and Fireman?
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