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This section of my page is devoted to keeping a tally for the fans of all the hot chicks I have bagged. In my day I have bagged a lot of hot chicks, but the first question a lot of people ask me when they meet me is "how many hot chicks have you bagged Daring?" I sort of laugh and toss my hair a little and then say "well, I don't know for certain there are just so darn many, but I can name a few of the hottest." So to keep ugly fans from coming up to me when I'm out on the town with a hot chick I have compiled a list of the hottest chicks I've bagged. I will update this whenever I bag a new hot chick.

Hot Chicks Bagged

Monica Bellucci
Meg Ryan
Shania Twain
Jenniffer Connelly
Two of the Dixie Chicks
Linda Hamilton (back when she was hot)
Alisa Milano
Sarah Silverman
Angelina Jolie (she's crazy, but in a good way)
Cameron Diaz (horrible morning face)
Britney Spears
Beyonce Knowles
Charisma Carpenter
Gwyneth Paltrow
Katie Holmes (horrible kisser)
Sexynursebot (I think, I was pretty drugged up)


Laura Abromowitz
Mary-Kate Olsen (the other one has a fat ass)
Yasmine Bleeth (I hear she's a backdoor beauty)
Liv Tyler
Lucy Liu

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