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My many accolades tell the story of my life, and what a life it has been. Here is an up to date picture of my incredible trophy case!

The trophies are (left to right, top to bottom): American Achievement Award for Excellence in Awesomeness, Christian Barber's Coalition for Design in Hair, The Jewish Defense League's Award in Recognition in the Advancement of the Jewish People, Winner of Savory Sal's 70 Ounce Steak Challenge, VH1's 2002 World's Most Attractive Man, MVP in the 1999 World Bocce Ball Championships, National Dermatological Institute's "Skinny" Award for Excellence in Skin Moisture Levels, Sue-Anne's Bunny Ranch Best Customer Appreciation Trophy, Timelab Costume Gala 2002 Award for Second Place Costume, Lowry County Queen of the Cotillion, Baguette Bake-Off First Prize Trophy, National Time Travel Institute Runner Up Award for Time Traveler of the Year, The Magical Cup of Golgotha, Oscar for Best Film Editing (1994), International Plastic Injection Molding Industry Award for Production Excellence.

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