Submitted by Adam K.

Fatter than a speeding buffet.
More powerful than a Viagra-induced erection.
Able to leap to stupid conclusions in a single bound.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a WASP. It's a blimp. It's SuperRush!

Yes, it's SuperRush - strange visitor from the Reagan years who came to AM radio with weight and prescription drug addictions far beyond those of mortal men. SuperRush - who can change the course of political dialogue, bend Michael Steele with his bare hands, and who, disguised as Rush Limbaugh, Oxy-addicted radio jockey for the EIB network, fights the never ending battle for Tax Cuts, Jesus and the Republican Way.

Critics Corner

"Hahaha Rush for President!

Because Democrats are Nazis.
(Democrats are DemonKKKrauts.)ÿ


"love the video 5-5. yet another liberal crusade against el rushbo. it would be funny if you put an "F" on hisÿ chest hahaha. " (writer's note: for what? "fat"?)


"Rush truly is the LAST man standing.
WHERE are our elected conservative Republican leadersÿ to CALL out Nobama!

Thank GOD for Rush!"


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