Society Games, submitted by Gringo Ranchero. I have no idea who "Society Games" is or why they have made a game that consists of five frames of crudely modeled people fucking and a tutorial on applying a condom. Despite my lack of knowledge the facts speak for themselves. They have a "game" you can download that is just as I described. You choose from one of two scenarios or a tutorial. The the first scenario is a man and a woman "going at it" doggystyle. The "going at it" part is all fairly academic because the graphics are so bad and the animation is so limited any posibility of it being erotic are immediately put out of your mind. The second scenario is nothing but a badly done lesson on how to apply a condom. I think the game is called "Erotica" although I'm not really sure and if it is I have no idea why.

2003 February 16
Web page has a new look. Work on "Action Figure" scenario begins.

2003 February 1
Alpha 2.011 has been released. Along with bug fixes main change is the inclusion of a new scenario: "How to put on a condom."

It should also be noted in that screenshot that the game gets fucking INSANE BLAZING FAST frames per second! I was in the 500-600 range at all times! 3D benchmark software needs to start testing video cards for Frames Per Second in "Erotica".

Assuming we don't immediately rape their servers the game is worth downloading for the hilariously bad condom application sequence. The screen is completely covered with impossible to read black text almost the entire time and for some reason it animates opening a condom wrapper in painstaking detail. Let me rephrase that. For some reason it animates opening a condom wrapper in painstaking detail at 600 frames per second!!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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