Exodus 2006, submitted by Recon. I once watched an one hour special about the bible code on this History Channel. It was by far the most retarded show I've ever seen on the History Channel and wrote them an angry letter asking for my one hour back. The bible code is a favorite for religious nutballs that are convinced that the bible is full of a code that has all the major events that have happened and will happen. I guess God is a real big fan of crossword puzzles and wanted to make his messages fun and challenging to find. That's why we love him!

So God really cares about Arnold Schwarzenegger enough to put him in the bible. I wonder if the bible code has anything about Ryan Seacrest's urine infection or who is going win my favorite reality show. Probably, because if you look hard enough at a huge amount of text, you will find instances of words of all sorts of combinations that you can then associate to whatever you want it to mean. I was looking for code in "The Brothers Karamazov" and found and excellent recipe for fudge brownies.

I think the best thing about this site is the fact that the guy running it is trying to get people to join him in going to the into the Ethiopian mountains where the Ark of the Covenant is supposedly kept, and stay there during the end times from 2006-2012. The problem is that being batshit insane doesn't pay much so he only has 10 donations for £221.85 so far, and you know at least half of those are from him. Sorry buddy, you are stuck with us during the end times, I hope you like dancing skeletons. If he does manage to get enough money to make it to Ethiopia with some followers, I look forward to the news reports about a group of religious nuts being hacked to death with machetes and their fanny packs full of money and snacks being stolen by the local warlords. We must not interfere, it is nature's way.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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