"When eating, I'll wipe my hands on my socks rather than walk somewhere and get a paper or cloth towel. Socks are nature's napkins."

Dr. Memory

"Let the cat vomit dry on the carpet so I could just scrape it loose with my shoe. Amazingly, this never left a stain."


"Drank draft beer out of an empty, rinsed-out Costco-sized Tylenol bottle."

master gamawa

"Survived four days as a student in an empty flat, with a glass of wine, a bag of pistachio nuts and a big can of peeled tomatoes in juice. I was sitting on the mini fridge because I had no furniture. I had to eat the tomatoes straight from the can with my fingers."


"My bed frame had broken on one side so I just slept diagonally for a couple of weeks before finally fixing it."

"When my ex moved out, I never emptied the dishwasher until three years later when I finally moved out myself. I just bought Styrofoam cups, plates and plastic silverware for everything."

"I've used wrapping paper as toilet paper on a few occasions. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy new TP once when I had friends over so they were also forced to use the wrapping paper."


"I've used every utensil imaginable for completely the wrong application. For example, I've used a ice cream scooper to spread peanut butter on toast, simply because it was the last utensil I had clean."

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