The great thing about working in an office is that the staff will go to any lengths to add cute and colorful touches that brighten up their day and make them forget about the unbearable lack of excitement they are forced to wake up to every morning until they die. One of our trusty forum goons, known as MrBaysick, recently stumbled upon a sticker which hoped to encourage organizations to pay off their debts in a cheerful and fun manner. Something Awful forum goons thrive on pain and suffering, so let's see what lengths they went to in order to destroy the innocence of a sweet little cartoon computer.

Here's the original image, which was first spotted by MrBaysick.

Soon the image manipulation hijinks followed, including this effort from 50 Foot Ant.

AstuteCat kindly shared these contributions.

bakagamer traded his bible for a copy of Bowfinger on DVD and doesn't regret making the switch for one second.

Canary Yellow contributed ONE MILLION images for this article, and this is the first of them.

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