Hellnet TV, submitted by HorrorgasM. I’m not sure what this site is about. It has goth poetry but it’s not a poetry site. It has pictures of models but it’s not a porn site. I can’t come up with a good description for it. Well, besides "a huge seething mass of seizure inducing flash insanity".

Welcome to Rik Daren’s Halloween Horror house on HellnetTv. The evil Halloween Horror website featuring the Hellnet hell machine and other devil, monster, alien, dead robot type things. Tv on your computer, tv inside the crypt or tomb. You can watch it all here on the Rik Daren Hellnet TV website. So step inside this Hell house and be prepared to be lost in space for all eternity.

Artist/poet/musician/sex offender Rik Daren is pretty hardcore. For instance, whereas most sites have an index his has a "helldex". Can you feel the aura of pure evil beckoning you closer to the abyss? Warning: Clicking any of the flash links will unleash the fury of Hades upon your monitor and eyesight.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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