I'm sick of covering trivial events every Tuesday. MS Paint Your Grandmother Falling Out Of A Free. The Story Of How I Met A Fat Man In A Grocery Store. I'm a real journalist dammit, and I want the Comedy Goldmine to reflect the serious nature of internet comedy. That's why this week, I'm going to present to you something a little different. The fragrant bunch of Something Awful forum goons have been working for me deep undercover in the automobile industry. They've searched high and low to find the car commercials the manufacturers DIDN'T want you to see. Today, I present to you the truth. It's automobile advertising with a twist. Also some funny Photoshops and several penis jokes!

Fenring was the one responsible for the idea of exposing the dirty secrets of the car industry, so let's all thank him by enjoying his contribution with due respect.

This bundle of fun came straight from the basement of 429cj!

Agent019 is either a British spy of some kind of kitchen sink cleaner capable of using Photoshop.

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