As of today (Friday the whatevereth) I'm cutting back on the stuff I do on SA. I'll still be doing my sidebar content, Pregame Wrapup and the occasional AMDB, I think, but I'm relegating myself to a fill-in position on the front page for the foreseeable future. I'm feeling kind of tapped recently and I think recharging my batteries will let me get back to the consistency I like to have, since putting out rough-edged updates bothers me quite a bit. I threw a curveball at Lowtax and sort of sprung this on him at the last second, so I'm understandably at his mercy as to when and if I get to make a return to the site. I'm hoping for maybe a month from now (again, in a fill-in capacity) but we will see what's happening.

Atomo, arguably the funniest poster on the SA Forums, will be taking my place. If his AMDB work and posts on the forums are any indication, as I'm sure they are, you guys will be getting a great upgrade every other Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who took time to wrote in, even if it was just a one-line "that was funny" email. I probably hinge my opinions on my own work too much on what other people think of it, but it's always worth it to wake up with an inbox full of people who like something I wrote. I mean it when I say I appreciate every email I get, so long as it isn't telling me my dick is too small, I need to lose weight, or there's a hot stock tip waiting for me. Even those can be pretty funny sometimes, I guess.

I'll cut the whining here since this sounds like I'm permanently removing myself from the site, which is definitely something I don't want to do - nowhere else could I get paid to write from the point of view of a birthday clown succumbing to the horrors of the AIDS virus - but it was a fun job and I expect that to be doubly true with a relaxed workload.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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