1. TerrorBear


    You will never find two TerrorBears in each others' presence. The result of this phenomenon is exactly what one might expect when an unstoppable chaotic force encounters its equal -- absolute annihilation of all present matter. The craters on this planet have a variety of sources: meteorites, uncommon erosion, explosions, and TerrorBear showdowns.

  2. Return to Darkness

    Return to Darkness

    Imagine, if you will, a twelve-to-fourteen-foot-tall hellbeast crushing your corpse beneath its fiery feet. The last thing you hear is a gurgling growl, as gallons of blood, saliva, spiders and froth pour from its mouth onto your mangled flesh. All the while, your dying gaze remains unshakably transfixed on its empty, unflinching, dead white eyes.

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