Today's ALOD is a webcomic/short stories repository consisting of "strictly gangster" themed The Sims dioramas. Right now you are probably asking, "Caylen, what is strictly gangster"? Here are some examples:

"Mom and Dad's murderers caught me as I was making my gettaway."

"Kye is a very young brotha who is finally on his own. He lives in a 'garage apartment'... "

"Tina: "I don't believe you were riding with your friends all night. I've been parked
outside your door since midnight, and it's dawn now and your skin smells of fresh soap,
and your shirt of perfume. I know you've been cheating on me, Kye, since the baby started showing.
This ain't right. If love were a test, you flunked it.""

"Note: The characters are a compilation of true attitudes and/or situations I've encountered in my life, family, and work as a black helping professional, but are not about specific people. The story is about the subculture of crime and drugs in black urban neighborhoods, but could be anywhere, from sea to shining sea. In memory to all my people lost to the lunacy."

All and all, an incredibly accurate portrayal of the ghetto rich lifestyle all Urban Gangstas have become accustomed to. There are also Space Alien Urban Gangsta Sims, and stories about them too. I have no idea how accurate, or how gangster the Space Alien Urban Gangsta Sims stories and comics are though.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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