Jedi Knights and Unicorns, submitted by Fredrick.Are you a Jedi Knight? Are you a unicorn? Are you a crazy asshole? If you answered "yes" to all these questions then this is the site for you! If you avoid your retinas being burned away by horrible "artwork" and bright pink image based text, then you may learn the true secret of the Jedi and the Unicorn... they are one in the same. Oh boy, I just shit my pants.

"What if the legends of the Unicorn are very similar to the legends of the Jedi Knights? I belive that these legends and myths have a great relevance to some of us here today. I make this point in my book ARE YOU A UNICORN? THE MISSION AND MEANING OF UNICORNS that there are some real human Unicorns among us. No, they do not have real horns and hoofs, but they are spiritualy Unicorns. They are pure, and truthful, and strong and brave, and they have been called by God to fight for good against evil in these last days.

WOW! I always thought that I was on the Earth for a deeper reason than to drink beer and masturbate. Maybe I'm a unicorn...maybe. I should quit my job and fight for good against the forces of evil with my horn of justice. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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