Female Desperation, submitted by LeBurto. Females are desperate for many types of things such as water, fertilizer, and light. No wait, those are plants. I think. Regardless, females experience desperation for many different types of things, none of which I am familiar with because I've never been in a successful relationship my entire life. On this particular sexy website you will find many, many, many images of females who are desperate to use the bathroom. This is very sexually exciting, much like the time I saw that one episode of the Rubix Cube cartoon where the Rubix Cube foiled those bank robbers near the building construction site. I'm not exactly sure why that proved to be sexually stimulating to me but it's proabably for the best if I refuse to think about it.

"I can feel it raining," was all she said, clearly and simply. Then she gave Stella's G-spot a quick tweak and pulled her fingers out to rest on the outside of Stella's now more than moist panties. It was too much. The rain did pour. A sudden lightening deluge that burst fourth through Stella's knickers and hissed down the inside of Stella's thighs. Minka looked down. The front of Stella's dress was darkening with pee and an ocean of urine was spreading out from around Stella's feet. Several other dancers stopped and looked to see a distraught, but very attractive brunette having a massive toilet accident in the middle of the dance floor.

It took what seemed an eternity before Stella was completely empty. A curious, gaggling crowd had started to surround them. Minka quickly grabbed Stella's hand and led her off the dance floor, away from the gawping eyes and giggling, chattering tongues.

"I have a room booked for tonight," Minka told the girl at the check in desk of the hotel next door. The girl looked curiously at Stella's flushed red cheeks and the glistening wet streak down the front of Stella's dress. "My girlfriend has wet herself," explained Minka, which only served to heighten Stella's embarrassment. "But I decided that I liked her anyway."

"That's OK miss, all our beds have plastic sheets."

Oh this is very sexy and I will be absolutely sure to bookmark this site because I really enjoy stories of peeing ladies and ladies who need to pee and ladies who have finished peeing because I simply love ladies and I love to pee!

PS: If you are a lady who thinks she probably has to pee in the near future, I'm sure the nice fellows on their peeing forums would love to hear from you. If you know of a woman who might have to pee, then feel free to get her an account and a laptop she can use when she's on the toilet. Or she can pee on the laptop and that would be infinitely more exciting!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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