Aatheus' Centaur Art, submitted by Livestock. Horses are pretty. I like horses. I like people too, people are nice. Centaurs are horse-people, so I should love them. And I sure do!

Got some centaur art you've done, and want hosted? Send it! to Aatheus@redshift.com
I'll add it as soon as I can! haven't got any art fur me? Talk to me anyhoove! I like to hear where people found this site, so e-mail me wouldya? Give this lonelytaur something to read besides homework! ::grin::

That is almost all of the text on the site, as most of it is pictures. However this one small piece of writing is more than enough, and it contains some hilarious puns. See if you can spot them! The website contains galleries from over twenty artists who like to draw horse-people in all kinds of crazy situations. My personal favorites are the oens where they are naked. Teehee. I am sure there are many other centaur-lovers out there who would love to chat with fellow connoisseurs such as Captain Relius Centaur Hoof who exclaimed "This site is Hoove-taur-ific. I was cleaning the muck out of my hooves when i was surfing this site with my tongue. I love the Sir Bradytaur the best. His pictures is the best ever seen and I should know cause i know." Join him and many others just as special as him in the guestbook.

– Tom "Moof" Davies

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