Skizzy666, submitted by Microwave Burrito. Its always a bad idea when white people rap (Beastie Boys excluded of course). It always ends up harming the community as a whole. Young middle class white people who have their whole lives in front of them are choosing listen to chubby guys in face paint and think they are in some fraternal brotherhood of killer clowns. Once they are down this road, they are doomed to live the rest of their life as a total waste of a human entity.. Don't believe me? Well lets take a gander at Skizzy's lyrics and you can make up your own mind.They share one chromosome between them.

Give it up (2 tha Devil):

We give it up give it up to tha Devil
We give it Oooooooo
We give it up give it up to tha Devil
We give it Oooooooo

Yo I’m the blackest
the muthafuckin baddest
Rapper hit the planet
and I’m goin for the stabbin
I’m gonna kill em
and everybody else
Put em on the top shelf
Later for examination
I rock the nation
Muthafuckin like masturbation
I don’t give a fuck about the situation
It’s over
Ready for war like a cobra
I just kicked a habit and I’m cold stone sober
I got a Mac10
I just shotcha friend
They got a bullet in they rear end (ouch)
Now they run they life
Dodge my throwin knife (oh shit)
Cut’s ya throat and then it ends ya life (((chokes)))
Ever since then the Devil’s best friend
Swore my life until the very end
But we got so close that I saw his wicked side
Now it’s been a helly ride (but still)

We give it up give it up to tha Devil
We give it Ooooooo
We give it up give it up to tha Devil
We give it Ooooooo

Still not convinced? Well take a gander at the pictures and forums. I rest my case your honor, and ask for the death sentence, or at least vocal cord removal. With a rusty spoon.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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