Abby's Litterhouse, submitted by some guy I can't remember. Don't think a cat can run a web page? Well I guess you've never seen Abby's Litterhouse. Shit, if Lowtax can be a webmaster then surely a cat can!

I am Abby the cat and have my very own website for friends, the curious, and even human beans to come visit and have fun. My name is really Abraxas WhiteCat, and I host neat stuff like my adventures in my own meows, FurrFriends, and Kitty's Memorial. Kitty's Memorial is dedicated to Kitty GreyCat who romps at Rainbow Bridge now.

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I be the Abby cat. I'm over 8 now. Human bean says I am getting old, but I still feel like a kitten. I not nose what human bean meowing about really. It has been way too long since I pawed something on this web page. All I can meow is that I have been very busy. I have birds to watch and bugs to chase. I even mother Ebony a lot, even thought she is a year older than me. I also have lots of things to do outside. I have to patrol the insides of all closets too. As you can see, I am one very busy feline. Well, time for a catnap, I meow.

Jesus Christ this nut needs therapy quick. Someone help her, please.

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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