Hairy Men Art, submitted by Bleep. I'm a fairly open minded guy. I really don't care what anyone does in privacy. But what I'm not open minded to is the word "art" being applied to all manner of horrible things. From drawings of animals having sex to paintings of video game characters having sex with animals, the Internet has opened a whole world of horrible things for the word "art" to be cruelly applied to. Since when is drawing naked hairy men art? Now look, this isn't an anti-gay thing. I would be just as opposed to drawings of hairy naked women. I just don't think that this qualifies as art. Really, we need some kind of consortium to approve and disapprove what counts as art these days. If we don't apply some standards, it will quickly lose all its luster. Sure, draw whatever your heart aspires to draw, but call it something other than art please.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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