GameLife Video Game Review Show, submitted by Lowtax.

Hi. Welcome to the premiere episode of GameLife.

I remember where I was when I first heard those words.

The show where you can get your daily dose of gaming goodness.

They say on the 8th day God rest. Not so. He was creating GameLife.

In this time, we have... good ol' Super Mario Brothers 2. Or... Doki Doki Panic as you'll as known in Japan... at that time. And of course, we, we, we, the western world, couldn't, uhm, get the original Super Mario Brothers 2 since that was supposedly too "difficult"... for the States. So this is what we got uhm... a game that already existed but with... uhm, Mario characters thrown in, there. So not to say that's a bad game by any means. But, I'm... uhm, I, personally I didn't like this game all that much when it came out.

GameLife, bearer of life, nurturer of us all.


– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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