Erotic Mind Control Search Engine, submitted by Me. Mind control stories are awesome. Sometimes a person just gets tired of regular porn, you know? Sometimes you just want to sit down and read a 10,000 word story about a sixteen-year-old boy hypnotizing his grandmother into thinking she's Saigon prostitute with six tits and an extra foot growing out of her asshole.

But that regular mind control stuff isn't always enough, you know? The discerning mind control connoisseur knows what he wants, but finding that story about Fred Astaire impregnating Elvis Presley with his hypnotic alien sperm can be a real chore.

Well, worry no more! The Erotic Mind Control Search Engine makes sure everyone gets his specific erotic mind control story fix! The site even gives you tips on searching -- for instance, let's say your mind control fetish involves blondes smoking:

Unfortunately, even powerful Google technology doesn't work for everything. For instance, my search turned up no relevant results:

C'est la vie!

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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