Christian Goth, submitted by OsamaBonJovi. Christian Goth is a site that has served the "ChristianGothic" community with the gospel of Jesus Christ for nine years. I know this because of this logo, which is plastered prominently on the site alongside a number of animated gifs and maybe the ugliest background I've ever seen:

In case you are interested in becoming a Christian Goth but you don't know how to start, the site also offers advice like this:

The proper Christian Goth attire? Today when you put on that black outfit, black makeup, black shoes and combed your black hair, did you remember to put on the "Armor of God"? No Christian Goth should start the day without it! It is so often forgotten in the mad rush to start the day, but is oh so important.

It also has a team of talented Web designers who just scraped up the $20 to buy HaRdCoRe JiM's Table Designer and WiNnUkE launcher 2.0, as well as a snazzy javascript thing that disables right-clicking on the site! How am I supposed to spread the gospel if I can't right-click images to save them to my computer? Hoarding your gifs, eh? Christian indeed, Christian indeed.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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