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Hello, friends! This week, we're going to play a fun little game I like to call "Connect the Dots"! The idea is, I'll start with a popular video, find the first poster (at the time of writing) and post one of their videos, then find the first poster on that video and post one of their videos and so on and so forth as we continue further and further down the rabbit hole until I either find the best video on YouTube, or until I get bored or until I get too drunk to coherently interact with reality! GUESS WHICH ONE IS MOST LIKELY!!!

Let's kick things off with a video YouTube tells me must be awesome and worth viewing, because it's the first video on their "Spotlight" list:

Some dumb broad making a YouTube Time Capsule. YEEEEEEHAW

I have a few things she may want to add to her capsule, namely:

  • Are you still posting terrible videos and begging people to care about your life?
  • Do most of your subscribers still only care about you because you position your webcam to look down your shirt?
  • Do you still have the most annoying twenester facial expressions this side of an MGMT concert?
  • Are you still posting video responses to your own videos, you annoying fuck?
  • How many social networking sites do you link to in your video info these days? Follow up question, how did that "trying real hard to be a big deal on the internet" thing work out for you? Follow up question, can I have fries with that?

And the first commenter is...

"whats the 9000 joke?"


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