Bill and Steve's Excellent Adventure, submitted by OS2. I looked all over the Internet for about 10 minutes for football slash fan fiction involving Jake Plummer but the search was fruitless. However on my queer journey I stumbled across this gem of a fanfic site, based on the TNT original movie "Pirates of the Silicone Valley". Yes, this is gay fan fiction with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. You can't get more erotic than that.

"This time Steve lets Bill kiss him. Bill's mouth is hot and hungry on his. Bill's arms wrap around him, holding him close, and he can feel Bill's cock stiffening against his hip. Without breaking their kiss, Steve reaches over and shoves the NeXT Cube and its accoutrements to the end of the demo table. He nudges Bill up against the table's edge and Bill takes the hint, sitting down on it. Steve stands between his legs, running his hands up Bill's khaki-covered thighs to caress the bulge in the crotch of his Dockers. Bill reaches for the fly on Steve's jeans, but Steve grabs his wrists, pinning Bill's arms behind his back with one hand and undoing Bill's zipper with the other. Steve isn't much stronger than Bill; Bill could free his hands fairly easily if he wanted to, but he doesn't want to."

Wanna know what happens next? That's right, tricky Steve Jobs was just seducing Bill Gates and in the meantime steals the NeXT Cube prototype with Bill is occupied with his boner. I think they end up fighting on the roof with swords and then make love under the setting sun, but I'm just guessing because I didn't read anything more than a couple paragraphs. Have fun!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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