Peeing Cupid - The Wet Dating Service, submitted by Breetai. How many dates have gone sour when you lean over and nuzzled your nose in your lovers ear, whispering "i already have a man, now its time for the female rain"? Thankfully, the internet has come to answer your urinary desires without the threat of seeming creepy at all.

I have been in the lifestyle for quite sometime with my adult daughter and her adult friends.

Thank god we have another infested sore on the internet's back for more maggots to go hide in. What's more disturbing than a website where people tout their urinary abilities is that for this to exist there must be at least two people on this website. It's not just some single overweight pasty guy reusing images all over the place to try and get one girl out of the heavily stained woodwork.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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