The Inflatable Furry Page, submitted by Christian Danforth. Okay, we've already established the fact that people having sex with stuffed animals, or people who want to become half-animal so they may engage in sexual intercourse with other half-animals, is intensely stupid. It's encouraging to see that some societal deviants have taken this screwed-up idea and have somehow succeeded in making it even more disturbing.

You're a balloon now. Oh, you mean, how are you still managing to exist as two thin sheets of latex separated by some air? How are you able to talk, move around, squirt various fluids?'s a secret. Yeah yeah, that's it! A secret. It's part of the magic which makes us special. Treasure it. Feel free to speculate endlessly on the whole thing as well, since that's always good for when a buncha balloonies are yakking about it. Bounce around a bit. Get used to gravity not having such a firm grip as before. Bounce around a bit-be silly. You're a balloon, aren't you? Start acting like one!

Where's that online Anthrax when I need it?

WARNING: The picture pages probably shouldn't be viewed by people at work. Or kids. Or anybody. However, if you're not afraid to look at completely screwed up drawings of animals with balloon-like inflated sexual organs, dig right in to the awfulness. Make sure to note this particular one. Yiffy-riffic!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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