Coug'r's MACROFurry Art Page, submitted by . So you want to see humanoid animals fucking each other but you haven't found a site that makes the animals large enough? Well look no further, as the MACROFurry Art Page features gigantic, 50-story tall donkeys and horses screwing each other's brains out while trampling a major metropolitan city and killing hundreds of innocent people, people who would probably rather be slaughtered than have to see two horny foxes copulating over their kid's schoolhouse. SEXY! It's like 17 perverse and horribly disgusting fetishes rolled into one ball of phlegm. HOT CHA!

MacroFurry is a term I and a bunch of my friends use to describe people who are both into Anthropomorphics/Furries and Giants/Macro/Micro play. For the uninitiated; Macros/Micros are people who enjoy exploring the possiblities of interacting with beings who are scaled wildly out of proportioned with themselves. Macros enjoy messing around with people much larger than they are. Micros like playing with people much smaller than themselves. The interests intersect as you can imagine.

Make sure to check out the train driving into the giant fox's vagina, the oversized cougar using a regular-sized dog to masturbate, a humongous tiger using his penis to demolish valuable office space, and a female tiger jacking off her boyfriend with a city bus. On second though, DON'T.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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