THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER, submitted by Evk D. Figuring that everybody out there needs more examples of how utterly painful 99% of chat logs are, THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER has come to the rescue by providing lines and lines and lines of meaningless text which should probably be Congressionally stricken from the known universe.

(Filly) Maggggiccc, how's the stud?? :))
(Magic52) heyyy FILLY LOL
(Magic52) want to meet him LOL
(TheTramp1) stud? I'm fine thx!!!!!!
(Filly) lol, tramp "u thing u"
(Indigo500) stud??? You have a stud? LOL
(bri9230) the only stud magic knows is her BROTHER BRI LOL
(Filly) magic has a STUD
(Magic52) lol bri

LOL! See, it's funny because... I don't know why it's funny, actually. LOL! For more LOLing, make sure to scroll LOL all the way down and read the utterly LOLable chatroom conversations between LOL what I believe are LOL mental invalids LOLing their LOL on a LOLroom LOLnd aLOL of LOLville!!!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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