The Virtual Boy Petition, submitted by Nicole. Welcome to pop-up hell town, population: anyone who visits this site. Once you manage to close out all the pop-ups and requests to make The Virtual Boy Petition your home page (gotta check in every day, you know) you are introduced to an extremely simplistic and utterly unattractive frames site.

When I first checked this site out a few weeks ago I immediately tried to sign Lowtax up for the petition, because I know his thoughts and worries are concerned with nothing more than Virtual Boy. Unfortunately after visiting it again tonight I realized that not only had his name not been added, but the petition has been announced as a failure. WHAT?! How could a petition to bring back the worst gaming platform in the history of mankind fail?

This site is a petition to bring back the production of the Virtual Boy system or an upgraded version of it. This site gives gamers a chance to show Nintendo what they really want, and that gamers around the world want to see the Virtual Boy system back in progress making more games for the system. This site will be running from January 1st, 2000 till May 1st, 2000 (Might expand). Throughout this time period of 5 months, gamers can add their name to the petition. Our goal is to recive 1000 gamers that feel the system should continue and to show the world that the Virtual Boy system has the right to live on.

Yeah, I guess I could have noticed the petition was closed by reading pretty much ANYTHING on the site, but I think my eyes were all teary from how hard I was laughing at the general idea of the petition. There's some sort of forum type thing on there, but I wouldn't even bother, I can't imagine anyone actually reading it.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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