We'd like to close out Awful Link of the Day's Misandry Week 2010 by sharing a little exchange with the readership!

To: DARYL "FUCKING" HALL @ Something Awful

Dear Hall,
I sincerely want to agree you, and I cannot understand where The Spearhead mainstream contributors encourage the mainstream disenfranchisement of women. How does highlighting the mistreatment men face - for example, discrimination by the police (it can't be mere coincidence 9/10 of the incarcerated are men - are men really that evil just for their sex?), the expectation to provide for a family financially, their increased likelihood to be victimized by malicious individuals (perhaps I'm mistaken, but the last time I checked the statistics men were more likely, not less, to be victims of violent crime), their shorter life expectancies - equate to a desire to discriminate against women?

I would love to share your determination and clarity, which is difficult while I am plagued by these doubts. If you have the time, could you please help me reach some resolution so I too can share your resolve?
A. Krump


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Daryl Hall
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