Misandry - Literally the new Holocaust.

Submitted by Brandon G.

"GOD DAMMIT. I am a white man. I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!! Even though I rule the fucking world, even though on average I get significantly more pay than a woman for doing the same job as well as better access to jobs and career opportunities and even though I live in a society that praises me for cramming my big, stupid dick in as many vaginas as possible (and making the owners of those vaginas "sluts", in the eyes of society, in the process simply for expressing their sexuality like I was expressing mine), I still feel incredibly marginalized and discriminated against because sometimes on TV commercials for dish soap or paper towels, the man is portrayed as clumsy and goofy and his long-suffering wife is made to look like the hero. I am completely unable to understand why advertising agencies might want to appeal to the gender who, statistically speaking, is more apt to buy the product in the first fucking place look good by resorting to empty, hollow platitudes right out of a sitcom".

- Every Men's Rights Activist EVER.

Critics Corner

This proud, noble Men's Rights activist has proudly, nobly disabled comments on his video like a proud, noble fuckface.

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