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Gemini Look - Air Symbol

Submitted by Paul Rice

This video is a three and a half minute code word for "I'm bi-polar and refuse to take medication or receive treatment for it because it's the only thing that makes me "unique" and if you ever date me or - God help you - marry me, I will systematically destroy everything everything you hold dear in life, drive all your friends away and fill our house with cats, menstrual blood paintings and Enya CDs".

Enjoy this video while you can, folks! She's sure to pull it once she realizes we're making fun of her and has another manic-depressive fit... oops, I mean once she has another "celestial goddess mood aura transfiguration".

Critics Corner

"No wonder why I like the colors Blue and Yellow together.Its weird because 10 min. ago i felt like not talking to anyone and then 5-10 min later I felt like talking to people."


"nice video it does represent the gemini's mood swing's & complexed mind "


"wow! music and the theme that your doing totally work together *-*

very creative,it must took a while to do!
really good^^ :D"


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