Choose Your Own Change, submitted by Tim. We all have fond memories of "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels, unless your parents were killed by a truck carrying them or you were caught in a fire at a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel warehouse. They were a part of growing up in the eighties, but all those fond memories are about to be completely and utterly erased by "Choose Your Own Change". It's a site devoted to transformation erotica fiction, in the format of user-submitted branching stories. Since the audience for transformation erotica is insane and barely literate to begin with you can imagine what sort of horror these stories are. Okay, maybe you can't imagine. There's an entire very popular story on the site that is set on an island where people fuck donkeys and transform into various animals and genders. Still not shocked? One of the plot threads is about the STARS team from "Resident Evil" visiting the island.

An 18 year old male-became castrated, at the age of 12. In order to go into this island you must have balls if you are male, or breasts if you are female.

Therefore he had to get a new pair of balls attached

What do you do now?

  • Only pair left were of a Donkey (Created on 01/04/02 at 02:20:52 AM)
  • Only pair left where a Dogs (Created on 01/04/02 at 02:21:21 AM)
  • Satyrday night (Created on 01/04/02 at 02:22:10 AM)
  • Small, Medium, or LARGE (Created on 05/03/02 at 01:51:46 PM)

It's sites like this that make me wish I was the ruler of a fascist eutopia and I could round up people and have them put to death. At the very least it makes me wish I either had a pistol to solve problems with myself or some sort of device that made me lapse into a coma whenever I tried to log onto the Interweb. Thanks donkey-fucking transgender furry porn choose your own adventure!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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