Richard Kyanka: International Man of Mystery

Submitted by Lowtax

Recently, our very own benevolent dictator Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka went to China on a TOP SECRET MISSION. Upon his return his eyes bore the cold, dead look of a man that had to kill several dozen men or perhaps bears with his own bare hands. Naturally, the rest of the writing staff was somewhat concerned. Upon asking him what exactly he'd been doing in China, he slapped a dirty, tattered scrap of paper on the table, screamed "GHOST DAD" at the top of his lungs and left the room.

On that piece of paper, written in what forensic tests would later confirm was human blood, was a URL. A URL to this very video. A video that creates more questions than answers, answers some of it's own questions and then creates even more questions from those answers. What was he doing in China? Why am I now being followed by a black helicopter and several unmarked cars wherever I go? How does Bill Cosby fit into all of this?

Frankly, at this point, I fear for my own life. If they take me, just know th

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