Wow, here's a pop culture reference I guess

Submitted by Matthew W.

A video from 2011 wherein a semi-obscure murderer (that was executed in 2002) HEE-LARIOUSLY appears in a dating ad (9 years after her death) and says "fuck" a lot. Clearly, Youtube cinematographic GENIUS "ryanjasonsteele" has his finger on the pulse of pop culture! Ha ha! Classic! *knocks on desk* Uh oh! Who's that? Better get the door, ryanjasonsteele! Seth MacFarlane is knocking!

Critics Corner

"damn gave a penny advertmoney by clickin this link, nowÿ go and give my penny to actual prostitute you ugly brainless bitch and malebitch behind the camera."


"Ladies, this is why you do not bang smack, smoke crack, or, to better clarify myself, ingest drugs by any means of bodily administration while pregnant or nursing. What are we gonna do when its people like this that make up our country's governm..hmm, maybe if I had asked that a couple centuries ago I wouldn't have had to abort the question in order to keep from pwning myself to a level of defeat outweighingÿ that of my primary target, the handsome, pre-pubescent lad in this video.(wolf whistles)"



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