Yes The Bible is True

Submitted by Matthew

Rather than ranting about how inherently stupid pretty much every thing said in this video is, or pointing out the fallacious pick-n'-choose nature of the cited materials (seriously, quoting Leviticus and Deuteronomy with no mention of the "slavery is a-ok but DON'T EAT ANY SHRIMP" stuff? For shame!), I think I'll choose to savor in the irony that a fundamentalist evangelical video looks oddly like a certain stupid internet sex game.

Idiots Corner

"tomliordos your langauge is NOT welcome on my pages. Take your filthy mouth back to your own house.

.. some people are just low class. "


"NAWduh , Can you please take your atheist comments to someone else page please ? I don't care to argue with atheists because they think they are their own god. My area is islam.

thanks alot for your undertanding."


"ummm Jokey you typed enough on my page ok, please take your hostle attitude to your own page and btw you need to get saved.

Lord please open Jokey's eyes."


Good job, EyesSeee! Your personal crusade against all Muslim people using "movies" withPlaystation 1-quality graphics will no doubt spell the end of Islam!

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