1. Page takes over three hours to load thanks to a shitload of large, unnecessary graphics that are supposed to show off the clan leader's "l33t Photoshop skillz".
3. Website is overly violent or full of hate, revealing some morbid fascination with guns and killing.
5. Clan members have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.
8. Website looks as if it were written by Jeff K.

Samples From Website:

"And if you don't know how to bind a key, then you are fucking stupid as alll dirty shit and should visit www.I'm a fucking stupid ass that loves to strattle man ass and lick balls bald of pubic (it's a good site) "

"If the rest of our clan starts to suck and should commit suicide, we will show them the knife and/or gun to use "

Description:Holy shit, these guys are hardcore! According to legend, Clan i_N_i was formed when members left Clan NiG because everybody thought they were racist and were impersonating them (yes, apparently nothing's cooler than impersonating racists). If you don't believe me, check out the clan rules, which include gems like "Kill atleast one person a day" and "In times that killing either team is next to impossible cause we suck too much ass, then we will change our names to someone we hate and mention how much they like to fuck donkeys." Wow guys, sounds like a great battle plan! I bet the rest of the inmates in your adjacent jail cells are just dying to join your l33t little clan! They also have some blatant homoerotic fascination with gay sex, but I guess that should be expected from a clan like this (not to insult homosexuals).

Oh yeah, if you think your computer locked up while trying to load the main page, it didn't. That's the wonderful, helpful Flash plugin menu loading. After seeing what you waited for, you'll wish your computer did lock up (although the overdubbed vocals are quite hilarious).

Link for you to join?: Yes

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

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