Mayor Wilkins here with another great Comedy Goldmine. This week is a continuation of last week's theme, which means that if you really hate the color orange, well, this isn't the Goldmine feature you want to be reading. If you enjoy the color orange, though, or if you enjoy seeing posters of all sorts, then you will really enjoy this week's...

Look, I'll be totally honest with you, here. I'm phoning this feature in. Oh sure, everything's where it should be. There are pictures, there are names, and everything's formatted properly. I did all that. But I did it all last week. I thought that I'd write something funny out tonight, but then I got home and just didn't feel like doing anything. Do you ever feel like that? You just work all day, and you say "man, I'm going to go home and ACCOMPLISH something!" But then you get home and all you want to do is sit in front of the TV and watch COPS? Not that there's anything wrong with COPS, mind you. The show where the guy dressed up as a clown to entrap hookers, that was some quality television.

Anyway, do you know what I'm saying? So here I am, rambling again, and you just want your pictures. You want me to shut up and get on with it. That's fair, really. I owe you that much. I really do.

Enjoy this week's Goldmine - Make Poverty History, Part Two!





Jack Crosby

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