Forum Goon fork banger started up an amazing thread the other day with the question:
What would we do if hand-held game technology was stuck in the 80s?

Which he then followed up with the answer:

We would have action packed movie licensed LCD screen games, obviously.

And I'd have to agree. Those games were so awesome back then. I had Donkey Kong Jr. that I never really beat once. The game was just too damn hard. The games the goons cooked up though, I'd probably have a hard time putting down. Who wouldn't want to grab Mr. Billy the Kid to take to the future so you could ace the history report and keep Ted out of Alaskan military school?

Now keep in mind, due to the fact that animated gifs are pretty big in file size, today's Comedy Goldmine is a bit shorter than usual. Feel free to read the original thread, and if you like register for the forums. It'll be fun. I swear!

As it is, please enjoy this week's Comedy Goldmine, "LCD Cinematic Action!"





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