What were you doing on November 13th 2007? If you were any kind of normal person, you would be having fun with friends and enjoying life, possibly 'to the max'. However, if you are like me, and see the outside world as a horrible place filled with potential rejection and pain, you were most likely alone enjoying a Comedy Goldmine article dealing with the subject of goons, featuring illustrations from our own forum goons. We had an amusing time laughing at disgusting people and for a short while, we felt comfortable with our own bodies. Unfortunately, we had to go back to reality and deal with our saggy man-breasts, stick-thin chicken legs and unwashed facial hair dripping with bacon fat. Thankfully for those who aren't going to win Mr Universe any time soon, I've decided to run a second edition of this theme. So pour yourself a drink, sit back in your chair and prepare to feel great about yourself as we take another look at the wonders of the goon in its natural habitat.

zee is zae had the idea behind this article, so the reward is that you get to enjoy these contributions before anyone else's efforts.

zee is zae

zee is zae

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