Professor Party (1985)

Directed by:
Bob Landis

Writing credits:
Bob Landis
James Belushi

Genre: Comedy / Action / Hooker Revenge / Hooter Caper (more)

Tagline: An Arresting Comedy!

Plot Outline: An out-of-work Chicago cop is convinced by a group of prostitutes to assume the identity of their flamboyant pimp and (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 3.2 / 10 (298 votes)

Credited cast:
James Belushi....John Belushi/Professor Party
Whoopi Goldberg....Detective Washington
George Wendt....Chief Polokowycz
Mimi Rogers....Justine Bodswell
Fran Drescher....Nina Rosenbotum
Phoebe Cates....Mitzy
Vincent Schiavelli....The Party King
Mako....Mr. Yamamoto
Judge Reinhold....Lucky Larry

Also Known As:
The Sex Maths Copper (UK)
Girthcop y Señoras Atractivas (Mexico)

Runtime: USA: 84 min
Country: USA
Language: Outrageous
Color: Amber (IBM Corporation)
Sound Mix: Adlib 8-bit Pro Audio

AMDB Trivia:
  • When director John Landis passed on the script for Party Professor it was picked up by first-time director Bob Landis, who is completely unrelated to John Landis and was simply riffling through John Landis' office trashcan where he found the script.
  • A weeklong boil order was placed on the dailies for the film by the FDA after dangerous levels of e. coli were detected in unprocessed negatives.
  • Early screenings of the film went so poorly that many test-audiences compared the experience to being electrocuted. A series of costly edits and re-shoots removed all of the ungrounded wires from the final release.
  • The role of John Belushi in the film was originally intended for Dan Akroyd who was forced to bow out of the role because of his prior commitment to an enormous bowl of ice cream and lard. John Belushi also passed on the role citing his own death a year earlier as the main reason.
  • A three-day shoot at San Diego's Aquarium had to be cancelled after it was realized that Fran Drescher's laughter was giving the dolphins brain hemorrhages. She was later turned into a mermaid by Poseidon as punishment.
  • Actor James Belushi was just beginning his blood replacement therapy that would eventually turn him into Steven Segal (II). During this movie he had only about 1/780th Native American blood, freshly squeezed and injected daily from vine-ripened Cherokee Indians.
  • The film was a box office dud in the USA and UK, but it proved to be a smash hit in Mexico, spawning two sequels (1986's Los Atomico Reactero y Hookers and 1991's Atomico Hookers y John Belushi) and a line of edible dolls made from wax.
  • Director Cameo: [Bob Landis] is the guy in the flourescent orange pasties going to the bathroom on the camera during the police raid scene.
  • Director's Trademark: 16 minutes of black screen and silence.
  • Mimi Rogers refused to appear topless, but was convinced when she realized that James Belushi had also agreed to appear completely nude despite his recent cesarean.
  • Actor Vincent Schiavelli was arrested while filming exteriors in downtown Los Angeles for "unsettling the locals and causing dogs to growl and shy away". He was later released when he proved that he was visible in a mirror.
  • Actress Phoebe Cates met her future husband on the set of the movie. Yes, it was a Gremlin, deal with it.
  • Bob Landis was terrified of Whoopi Goldberg and refused to make eye contact with her in the fear that she would use her "Protean powers of the jungle dark" to steal his soul and assume his identity. His fear proved wise as she absorbed the spirits of several cast members while filming 1992's Sister Act.
  • A horseback fighting accident cost James Belushi his right hand during filming. He fashioned a new hand from sculpted ground beef and a sprinkling of cocaine, although he would never be able to play the castanets again.
  • The Japanese consulate sent a letter of protest to the United States because of the scene at the beginning in which Japanese people are portrayed as having hatched from eggs in a pond.
  • Director's Trademark: Background audio from a circus during all interior scenes.
  • Many considered John Landis to be the superior director, but Bob Landis finally surpassed him in 1998 when he managed to kill William Hurt as well as two Vietnamese children with a helicopter while filming Goosebumps: The Movie, besting John Landis' top helicopter rampage score.
Memorable Quotes:
John Belushi: You can't do this to me, I've been a cop all my life!
Chief Polokowycz: I'm not doing this to you, you're doing it to yourself! The Japanese are buying this police department and I have to make some cuts.
John Belushi: I am just an honest American cop and the Japanese come along and ruin everything.
Chief Polokowycz: What can I do, John? My hands are tied, tied by the Japanese.

Justine Bodswell: Didn't you bust me once?
John Belushi: I think I would remember that bust.
Justine Bodswell: Are we talking about getting arrested or my boobs?
John Belushi: Take your pick.
Justine Bodswell: I pick my boobs. (takes off her top)

John Belushi: I can't be a pimp, I'm a cop!
Justine Bodswell: You were a cop, but they don't need you anymore! We need you!
Mitzy: We need you to be our pimp!
John Belushi: They'll know I'm not your pimp!
Justine Bodswell: They won't! No one has ever seen Professor Party before except us!
John Belushi: I'll do it, on one condition...
(all of the girls take off their tops)
John Belushi: That's not what I meant, but that's a good start!

The Party King: These are my streets and you girls will all be working for me.
John Belushi: (struts up in blackface and pimp suit) Yo, you best not be touchin' my women.
The Party King: Who are you supposed to be?
John Belushi: I is the Party Professa' and I'm about to teach you a lesson in street etiquette.
The Party King: We'll see about that, Party Professor. Your girls owe me a hundred large and if they don't pay up by tuesday they're mine.

John Belushi: How are we going to raise that much money?
Nina Rosenbotum: You're our pimp, you're supposed to think of that stuff for us!
Mitzy: We can work extra hard.
John Belushi: Wait a second...(he looks at a TV ad for a car dealer)
Justine Bodswell: You're not...
John Belushi: Yep. Advertising. It works for the Japanese, it can work for the oldest profession!
(all of the girls take off their tops)
John Belushi: Not on TV ladies, now find me a Betacam.

Mitzy: We did it! We raised all the money!
John Belushi: Now your jobs are safe for good!
Justine Bodswell: Not mine.
John Belushi: What do you mean? We raised more than enough money!
Justine Bodswell: I'm be just for you!
Lucky Larry: You gonna let this slut get away with that?
(John punches Larry in the face)
John Belushi: That's my future wife you're talkin' to!
Justine Bodswell: Oh my God! (takes top off and kisses John)
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The Japanese can and have purchased police departments in the United States. For example, the Rockford police department in Iowa was bought by the Japanese in 1991 and was used to animate the movie "Armitage III".
  • Continuity: When John is making his breakfast bowl he puts in raw eggs and crumbled up dog biscuits, then turns for the rat poison, and then turns back and the dog biscuits are sitting next to the bowl again.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): There are far fewer than "50,000 bones in the human dick" as stated by John during his fist-fight with the karate experts.
  • Anachronisms: President Clinton's photograph can be seen on the wall of Chief Polokowycz's office. He was not born until 1987 and not made president by the masons until the mid-1990s.
  • Factual errors: Police cruisers do not have an "up" position on the gear shift.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Japanese people do not hatch from eggs that cling to swamp grass as depicted in the first act of the film, but it is possible that the movie takes place in an alternate timeline to ours in which the Japanese evolved from amphibians.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Mitzy gets pregnant from kissing a customer, which is possible in the roughest sense if her pelvic region resembles a human face.
  • Anachronisms: The Japanese did not land on the moon until 1991.
  • Continuity: John takes 785 bites from the same hamburger yet there are only two bite marks when it is seen on his plate.
  • Factual errors: Advertising prostitution on TV has been illegal in Illinois since 1870.

User Comments:

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The best prostitute movie sents my side of the mountain 3 July 2006


Author: ProffesorPanty

I got into teaching bitches because of this movie and now Im a chamilionaire lolmao Seriously tho this is a great movie about urban lyfe 4 thuggs learnin how to play tha game and I highly (lol) recomned it to anyone wantin to get into the bidness or just tear some guts up villain style PEACE and as John Belushi owlways says 'I love every woman that is payin' my bills' straigjht up!

Check for other user comments.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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