have to buy all new peripherals compatible with violettooth

misty mountaintop

Ah, Fortune, you wretched bitch! Do you think it was funny to bring this tiny computer into existence? Look at the pathetic scene you have created: a paramecium is using the computer, and it does nothing but type the letter B over and over again!


viruses can do real damage, like kick your screen in, insert USB plugs upside down, put inappropriate things in your optical disk tray, etc

I Was The Fury

My microprocessor keeps overheating and my micromicroprocessors keep dissipating due to the naturally unstable state of individual subatomic particles

misty mountaintop

I took this dude home and called him Computer Dick and he thought it was a compliment. Later, my computer suffered a mishap, due to its extremely small size.

google THIS

no, I'm not touching my toes, I'm working at my new standing desk. it's HEALTHY


My tiny computer had a little error and is trying to beep at me but it's hard pushing a single molecule of air around at a time but it's okay, I heard you little computer.


single-pixel display working fine but minesweeper games annoyingly short

I Was The Fury

I sneezed and lost all of my data. I've been combing this carpet for hours but no luck yet.

misty mountaintop

I know you think you're being funny, quoting Zoolander, but yes, I did make this computer for ants, a fact which can be deduced from its being small, too small for a human being to use. My insurance representative will be in contact with you, in regards to the damage you did to my computer. It was my first, and only, prototype. You failed to handle it with care due to the discrepancy between your size (human), and its size (ant, obviously). You should have known, because of how tiny it was. Now it lies in ruins.

Android Blues

*trying desperately to cram the binary into the computer despite a tiny flashing warning screen telling me 0 is too large a number*

google THIS

tech support: is the computer powered on?

me: it's simultaneously on and off because I'm not observing it at the moment


the long term trend of miniaturization of electronics has been amazing for making things portable, light, and easier to use... the computers got really small, small as they could be and still be practical to use. but they didn't stop! *holds head in hands, sobbing* now the computer is too tiny to use at all!!very impractical!!!

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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