Dr. David Thorpe is sick!!

And not sick in the good way or the pervert way, but just that "feeling bad" kind of sick. Word on the street is Thorpe's elitist jerkbag brain heard a popular song on the radio which was the source of the discomfort. He'll be back next Tuesday though, so thank goodness.

FYAD Flag Showcase

On every page of the FYAD forum there's a random image PHP script at the top that shows one out of the probably 10,000 or so images in the database. Any forum member can upload them and the subject matter is whatever the hell they want. The only rules are they have to be exactly 250 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall, and less than 24k in file size. Here are a few goodies, you can mouse over them to see the creator's username. FYAD flags are pretty much my favorite images on the entire planet except maybe for this one:

Captain Picard Wearing a Mask Made of Old Pie Tins

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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