Good morning! I'm Chris "Petey" Peterson, and I am glad to bring you this week's

Thing Of The Week is very simple: each Week, I will post a Thing. Each Thing is something that is funny or interesting or odd or something I am being paid a great deal of money to post as a viral media Web 2.0 guerilla marketing tactic.

This week's Thing is Shaq on Facebook.

Everyone knows that Shaq is on Twitter, but did you know that last week Shaq joined Facebook? It's true! They gave him his own personal page. And guess what he does all day? He posts HD videos of himself plugging his new diet (these are hosted on YouTube, since his page doesn't allow embedding, but you can view them on Facebook here):

Thing of the Week salutes you, Shaq, for being a giant part of our lives.

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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