One of my favorite things about doing this series has been all of the talented people I have had the chance to work with. Dan Sollis at did me a huge favor by helping out with the video and Bob from Conelrad was really great to let us use his music. Most of all, I enjoyed collaborating with Josh, who has worked with me on many projects over the years.

I would feel I was cheating you guys if I didn't offer up a hi-res version of his final image. For his other images you can check out the previous two installments of TIB.

Another great thing about working on this project was all the cool artwork it inspired among our readers.

Dr. Demon was inspired to sketch an angel after reading this quote:

"When the Angel with the likeness of the spindly lion and standing as tall as a steeple strides across the plain, face in shadow, voice a tumult of a thousand souls, do we cringe in terror?"

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